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Team Toni & Jay

When it comes to network marketing consultants, there is no better duo than Toni and Jay. Through network marketing, they have taken both their success and their inherent sense of fulfillment to new heights and are nowhere to help you do the same.

Their commitment to helping entrepreneurs and businesses doesn’t stop with network marketing training, either. They both sit on advisory boards to help startups and entrepreneurs just like you learn how to grow your business through tools such as social media. With their help, you will be able to exceed all sales goals you have ever laid down, build strong relationships within your industry, and provide exceptional customer service.

As network marketing experts, they have been around the block when it comes to helping businesses to thrive, social media campaigns to prosper, and teams to bond together and with their consumers. Their expertise, however, is definitely with those whose aim is to improve their networking and relationship skills. These expert speakers help individuals and teams alike with coaching.

These expert speakers can help you achieve personal success through great relationship building. They want their success to inspire you. In less than three years, after all, they have brought in over $2 billion. Their personal history and dedication to helping others are why they are the best choice when it comes to network marketing speakers.


Toni Vanschoyck

Leader, Author, Speaker & Consultant

Toni Vanshoyck is a successful entrepreneur whose work brings in over one billion dollars in sales every year. Her inspiring work has motivated hundreds of thousands of marketers just like herself and with her soon-to-be-released book “So Effing Simple” she is certain to reach so much more with her network marketing leadership training topic.

As a great network marketing training speaker, she helps others by addressing topics such as network marketing, how to be a leader, how to be confident, and the importance of paying your wealth forward.


Jay Treloar

Leader, Coach, Speaker & Consultant

Jay is a networking coach who believes in the power of equal partnership. His speaking expertise goes through the value and benefits that come when you throw out traditional gender roles and instead partner with your loved ones to create a strong and successful family business that profits, increase satisfaction, and even helps your community improve.

As a consultant, Jay helps both up-and-coming and proven network marketing groups with basic training for network marketing so that everyone involved in this lucrative industry can improve and come away stronger than ever.


It's A Family Affair!

Toni and Jay are huge supporters of the family dynamic in business and are such believers in what they do as network marketers and network marketing speakers that they have brought in their children into the business. Both of their daughters, Naomi and Catherine, aged 19 and 12 respectively, travel with their parents, spreading positivity wherever they go.


What’s more, the pair get truly involved, and speak at events about the benefits of network marketing and working together as a team. Alongside attending events, they are of course learning how to be more involved in growing network marketing businesses.

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