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Our Partners & Affiliates

I took a chance when everyone told me to get a job. No one in our space played in the network marketing industry and I took a gamble.

Our partnership with Monat changed our lives. When we joined, we had no idea the impact Monat would make our lives and the lives of those we’re connected to.

Little did we know Monat would become the next global company of our generation.

Monat is family. We aren’t reps, we aren’t consultants. #monatfamily

In November of 2014, I told a colleague our team would do a million dollars in sales by April of 2015. She replied, “That’s a really big goal.” Two months later, we hit that goal. Monat projected $1 million in sales in their first year.  Our team helped them achieve $25 million in our first year (with only nine products in the USA). Today, Monat boasts sales in three countries (US, Canada, UK)—and counting, with 59 products (and counting). 

There’s no other network marketing company that offers a more supportive family, better products, a more generous compensation plan, or a better opportunity to achieve your dreams.

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