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10 Ways to build each other up

In a day and age where there is so much comparing and one-upping going on, we need to do a better job of loving each other.

Here are 10 simple ways we can build each other up:

  • Esteem others higher. Leaders esteem others higher than themselves. Have high regards, great respect, and favorable thoughts of the people in your circle of trust and influence.

  • Be wise in your speech. Communicate more effectively by thinking before you speak. If there’s a word that’s more appropriate in a conversation, use it. Start with praise. Never confront others. respect.

  • Be encouraging. Encouragement is an expression and assurance of one’s hope and future in words, presence, and sincerity.

  • Be quick to forgive. When others make a mistake, be quick to forgive and forget.

  • Be understanding. Wisdom and understanding go hand in hand.

  • Understanding starts by being an active listener, asking intelligent questions to gain further insights, and being accepting of what the speaker is sharing.

  • Zero gossips. Keep others’ secrets. Never speak stuff that causes unnecessary hurt to others by speaking unclaimed rumors behind their back.

  • Share knowledge. Found an article or book that’s useful? Share it with your friends.

  • Stay humble. Humility and maturity are synonymous. A dignified person accomplishes much but brags little.

  • Be positive! Positive thinking goes beyond having the drive and motivation for personal success. Positive thinking is explicit, definite, and outspoken. It’s contagious. Build up your loved ones with your positiveness, allowing them to be open for better things to come.

We can only do ALL these things with LOVE. Building up a person with the 10 ways mentioned is only made effective when done so together with love. Build up one another how you would like to be inspired!!

How do you encourage others?

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