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Accountability Alert: Stop dividing yourself among too many things!!

This keeps rearing its ugly head so we’re going to address it. You have to make the one thing THE ONE THING. You cannot divide and conquer. You cannot focus on something else while you’re focused on One Thing and expect to have the results that you need. You need to be ALL IN 110%.

Get both feet focusing on what you want from your business. I have said this time and time again, it’s no different than a health routine; you need to stick to it and not procrastinate… Go to the gym, do yoga, get your run. Same for your business… go to network events, reach out, make your phone calls and follow up… it’s the same thing. When you make the one thing,

THE ONE THING, you’re going to see how your business just keeps growing. When you have divided attention it just doesn’t work.

Also, stop trying to drag your people across the finish line. If they are not reaching out to you or contacting you for help, then let it go…I call this “Bless and Release” Give them your blessing and move on. But for your active team members, get them into activity and make sure that they are on task. Create that Momentum!

Bottom line, place value on your time. When you treat your business like a business and you have that Laser Beam Focus, both feet on the floor, whole body, 110% …you WILL get the results that you want!!

Don’t hesitate to talk to your upline or reach out to me if you have any questions. We are committed a hundred 110% !!!

Seize the day!!

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