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Agility in Business

Let’s talk about practicing agility in business and what that means…

Having agility in your business means to know how to adapt to change. It means accepting the change and still keeping your business moving forward. In Network marketing, things are constantly changing… your team, your leaders, and your products. But change can be one of your greatest opportunities if you let it. Change can bring about a determination and a desire to push forward!

You can’t always prepare for it. Sometimes things change overnight …you just never know. But, the whole point of it is, that it’s okay!! If you find yourself in a situation where your leaders have changed, take that as an opportunity to Learn. Everyone that is brought into your life has something to teach you. I take it as a blessing all of these different people that have come into my life because of change in leadership or to my team. I use it as an opportunity to stuck the knowledge out of them and learn from their different experiences. It has really given me a different platform because even if they have no direct sales experience, they can still bring things to the table that you may never have known before. They may have something from their background that they can teach you…Remember that.

We need to start looking at change as an opportunity and not focus on the negative aspects of it. Again it’s about being open and being receptive. It’s about being willing to change.

Trust me when I tell you I am writing this as much for me as I am for you! I can be hard-headed and stubborn all the time. I butt heads with a lot of people and I have to constantly remind myself to be more open. Sometimes you just have to take a step back and assess yourself.

Assess, Adjust and Move Forward.

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