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An Effing Simple Achievement

Happy Friday!

I don’t about y’all, but 2020 has been amazing so far…and we are only halfway through! This year is about serving yourself up by serving others, and I am ecstatic to see your growth throughout. Wednesday, we came out with the second book in the Effing Simple series, Effing Simple YOU: You Do You! This is no easy feat, but it is through the support of our readers our authoring team, and our whole team who inspires the heck out of us!

To ring in this achievement, I am presenting an epic incentive for those who read the new book! Here are our requirements;

  1. Purchase Effing Simple YOU: You Do You

  2. Read the book by 1/25/20 (there is a kindle version too!)

  3. Leave an Amazon review by 1/25/20

Once you have completed these requirements, you will be entered into a drawing for a $250 gift card! Happy Reading!



Click Here: Effing SImple YOU: You Do You

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