Can I tell you something… I was not good at this. To be honest I’m not sure I am truly good at it now either. What am I talking about… Apologizing.

As leaders, we go through a learning process. As we develop, we see how important it is to go to work on ourselves. I go to work on myself twice as hard as I do on my business. That has helped me evolve into what I am today.

However, I learned something the hard way … The Art of the Apology. I make mistakes all the time, but I have learned these three things:

  • You don’t always have to be right

  • Own your mistakes

  • Apologize for them

This is a GREAT lesson in humility. Being able to say “I am sorry, I made a mistake. Let me apologize. Will you accept my apology.”

Often times people are afraid to apologize because they think it makes them look weak. This is not true at all!! The strongest people have learned to admit when they have made a mistake, apologize for it, then correct it. You will quickly see how freeing this is for you.

That’s the beauty of apologizing!!

Even if some time has passed by, if you still feel like you need to fix something or situation is still bothering you… Go fix it. That is your conscience talking to you..telling you to fix something.

It’s that simple! We don’t need to have such a hard time admitting our mistakes. There is a lesson in humility here and it will make you a better Leader…TRUST ME!

Always remember… You can’t fix everything, but you CAN try!

Make it a great day ?

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