Are You Stuck?

Hey Everyone,

I just got back from a four day trip to Canada, because I did two, big training there! I love going other places, whether it’s in the states, or out of the country, and training my teams there, and I love even more when I get to hear some of my other leader’s train. Why? you ask? Because you should never take an opportunity away from yourself to learn something new from another. For instance, I heard one of the best training from a fellow leader, about being ‘stuck,’ and how she was stuck in her business. We’ve all been stuck, right? Not just in business, but in relationships, financially, educationally. And, as grown adults with our crap together, society is surprised with it and looks down upon it. But, guess what? Stuff happens and we will get stuck!

Let me give you my definition of stuck…Stuck: a word used when business, or life, is plateauing and there is no growth, and it is possible to go backward. Since I am referring to my business, I am going to use that as an example throughout this post. To start getting unstuck, you need to be putting new people in your pipeline. You have to keep developing the leaders that you already have. I have found a huge difference, seen in my business over the last few months, by focusing on personal business. Once I have my direct lines under me, I put all of my group volume people in a chat. This is where I give them daily activities, where I praise them every day, and we talk about issues that they’re having with their business, as a collective group. This is my job, as their leader!

One thing to always remember, as a leader, is that recognition is huge. Absolutely, seriously, important. Recognition is the backbone of network marketing. People want to feel that they’re appreciated for the work that they’re doing and that they’re leaders are paying attention! Sometimes, recognition can make or break a leader. If a leader feels they aren’t wanted or are ignored, they may feel the need to leave and find a different company. There are many ways, that aren’t expensive recognize your leaders. You don’t have to travel all over or by them posh gifts. Use Zoom as a video training tool, utilize Facebook lives, Instagram TV, buy gifts from local businesses, or people you know representing other direct sales businesses…etc.

It is also very important that you, yourself are checking in with your upline and doing coaching calls on the occasion. You, as a leader, may have more experience, but having a refresher, or having someone there to walk you through the hardships of your business, is crucial. Going through every week, or couple weeks, and re-learning how you were trained, and the seven key steps of Onboarding, is important! Learning your Income Producing Activities is important! As a leader, you want to be the expert for your team and customers. Onboarding and IPA’s are what make or break YOUR business. There’s no going around it. In order to get results, you need to do-the-do and focus on what isn’t growing.

In order to get out of the quicksand, you should be following these tips, on a daily business. And, the only way to do that is definitely personal development, but getting out there and meeting new people, and supporting your rockstars that are running the marathon with you, is how to get out of the quicksand. There’s no secrets, no good luck charms, and no underlying A-Ha’s. No matter what, don’t beat yourself up…It takes an average of five years to build a steady, significant, residual income. Just keep working, and doing the do!

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