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B.L.I.N.G Your Life

Good Morning Everybody!

It’s a beautiful Thanksgiving Eve here in Charleston…The sun is shining and today is good! I hope all of you are thankful for the friends, and family you are able to celebrate with tomorrow, and looking forward to today’s post! The other day, I was on an airplane, and like the wheels, my head started spinning. I am always trying to do personal development, and write down my thoughts and ideas. Therefore, I love to reach for the stars, when it comes to my goals, (big, hairy, audacious ones!) I wanted to talk about something that is leaving angel bumps on my arms, as we speak! B.L.I.N.G. Your Life. I want to talk about what this acronym means for me, in my life, and business!

  1. B’: Belief. Belief. Belief. This is the number one cornerstone thing that you will always need in Network Marketing, or in any business. It’s the cornerstone of success, it makes or breaks you. When you start something new or go through a rough patch, the only way to make it is to have belief in yourself. You also must have mantras! “I believe, I am, I will, I deserve…” The power of telling these mantras to yourself every single day totally changes your mindset into believing in YOU! Believing that you will get results, is key. Always remember when you plant a seed, your plant is not going to fully grow, and blossom overnight!

  2. L’: Love. Love your people. Love what you do. Love the challenges and hardships. Love everything about your life, and business. If you don’t have love for the people you surround yourself with, how do you expect to love yourself? If you don’t have love for your job, where you live, your environment, then how do you expect to grow as a person, and expect life to get better?! When you go through all of this, and learning to implant love in every situation, you get to the other side, where all good things happen!

  3. I’: Inspiration. What inspires you? Who inspires you? What are your dreams that inspire a better life for you? Reading. Read personal development books, grow as a person, and learn from what you’re doing wrong! Goals. Just like mantras, writing down what you want, and a deadline, drive you more! Helping others. When you’re success rises, you should share that with others, and helping others achieve their dreams! Having a dream for yourself. You can have a dream for your family, and that is wonderful. But, what about you? What do you really want? What makes you ticklish and happy?

  4. N’: Never, Ever, Never, Ever, Give Up!! I can not stress this enough. If you believe in something, so inwardly, and powerfully, why would you give up? Keep pushing for that dream, and that goal that you wish to achieve. Honestly, if it’s so easy for you to let go and give up, it just isn’t important enough for you.

  5. G’: Go Big, Or Go Home! What’s stopping you? If you want something bad enough, then jump in with both feet, and don’t you dare look back. Sure, some will judge you, some will laugh at you, but if you’re willing to get the results, you will soon be laughing at them. Go for it!

You guys…This is super exciting! I was sitting thinking of a way to put my key things in business into something memorable and easy. This is my mantra every day now, these words motivate me to do better, and help me motivate my team! Once you take these tools, and run with them, there’s no stopping you! BLING!

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