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Better Together

You have heard this before…”Two are better than one”. With a strong support system, the possibilities are endless.

As many of you know I retired my husband a few years ago. Monat opened up so many opportunities personally and financially and Jay was able to quit his job and stay home with our children. But, seeing how amazing the people in this business are and seeing how this business changed our lives, he decided to go all-in with me and what an adventure it has been!

It has been such a blessing for us both to get out of the rat race!! Such a relief to work for ourselves and not someone else. We are now spending time building each other up and working towards the same goals. It’s not always easy… sometimes it’s really hard… but with each other support we get the job done and we’re living the life of our dreams!!

I know there are some of you out there trying to convince your spouse or family that this is a good investment. Try to show them the potential this amazing product has. We see so many success stories and sometimes we don’t get to hear how they got there. Today I want to share a story about Marty and Ashley Hartke and their journey to where they are today.

Ashley and Marty were a dual income family with Ashley working part-time as a hair stylist and Marty working in construction AND as a UPS driver. With Marty working 2 jobs, life was hectic and family time was precious to him. So when Ashley came to him with her wanting to start a Monat business he was NOT a supporter. He didn’t want her taking a gamble on something that may or may not bring a paycheck. He didn’t see how she would have time for it and he didn’t want her taking time away from the family. But Ashley was excited about the product so she started her business. Without the support of her husband, it was hard for her and left everyone feeling frustrated.

Ashley longed for support from her husband. She had to miss events and work after her family went to sleep. But Ashley couldn’t deny the results she was seeing on her clients after using Monat. She knew it was an amazing product that was going to change lives and she stuck with it.

About a year ago Ashley and Marty had their third child. While on maternity leave and not being able to go to work, her husband was feeling the pressure to make up for Ashleys missed income. But then Ashley shared that she had just gotten paid from Monat. This “On the side” business that was not supposed to interfere with their lives was now helping to support them. Marty started to understand that if he supported Ashley she could stay home with their kids AND get paid for it! Seeing the checks come in, her husband was convinced. With his support, Ashley has had her best year yet! Her business is growing and thriving. They have built and amazing tribe and have an awesome support system. But one of the best things this has done for their family is that it has allowed Marty to quit his second job and spend more time with his family!!

With a strong support system anything is possible!! There will be hurdles, but it will be WORTH IT! #BetterTogether

If you would like to hear more of Ashley and Marty’s story you can find them here Ashley and Marty Hurtke

I would love to hear and share your story too!! Everyone starts somewhere!!

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