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Today I wanted to take a minute and talk about Comparison. I have noticed this rearing its ugly head while talking with some team members and I wanted to address it.

We all know that comparison is the thief of Joy but why? Because of these simple facts…Everybody has a different story and background. Everybody has a different place they have been in their lives and different experiences. We are different, that’s what makes us unique and beautiful.

Often times people come to me and question themselves. Why can’t they do something someone else did? What was wrong with them? When these questions arise we have to point a few things out. Usually what’s going on here is our internal struggle or our negative self-talk. Comparing yourself to other people does not help… Compare yourself to YOURSELF.

Set your goals and measure those goals. What were you able to achieve? Maybe you overachieved the goal.. maybe you’re setting your goals too low.

You have to compare yourself to YOU. You are the only one in your own head. You are the only one who knows your life experiences. You are the only one that can determine the pace and success of YOUR own business.

At the end of the day, it’s not about this person or that person or any other person for that matter, it’s about YOU.

YOU have to be a champion for your own success! YOU have to be a champion for your business! YOU have to be a champion for your team!

Compare Yourself to Yourself

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