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Create that Mental Toughness

I want to continue the conversation we were having last week. We left off on Mental Toughness. What is Mental Toughness? It is strengthening your Mind. How do you do that?….Glad you asked ????

  1. Align yourself- Align yourself with people who are successful. These are the people who have “done the do”. These are your Leaders, Directors, Market mentors, RSM’s, and Corporate Staff. Align yourself with those experts because they know better than anyone how to do this business.

  2. Total immersion– Put your game face on! No matter how the day starts or how the day before ended, today is a Brand New Day. Immerse yourself in this day and be Grateful for it!

  3. Repetition- Doing the same behaviors every day. You know what the Income-producing behaviors are…repeat them, every day. Repetition in your business… Every. Single. Day.

  4. Admiration– Have a deep admiration for something. Your mind cannot tell the difference. Either you ARE or you ARE NOT. When you are in the middle of the ARE or the ARE NOT, that’s when you know you need to train the brain. That’s where the moving forward comes from.

  5. Be grateful and Let Go– It’s freedom of the mind when you let go. Your past does not define you. We have heard so many success stories of people that came from some hard knocks. People who got knocked down and knocked out again but got back up. It’s like a baby, they learn to crawl and then to walk and keep getting up every time they fall… Master that skill.

It’s the same thing in our business folks. It’s the same thing no matter what we WANT to do or LOVE – our health, our faith, our family. If we keep showing up every day… Everyday… And we keep performing those behaviors that we know will make us better, You Will Succeed. There is no way that you can’t. It really is that simple.

Surrender to your Success…It’s waiting for you.

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