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Daily reminders of life’s truths

We all need truth spoken to us on a daily basis so we don’t get caught up in the noise of this world. I want to share with you something I do to remind me of life’s truths… and the magic and power they hold.

It’s called TUT. Their mission is “To remind others of life’s fundamental truths: that life is magical, we are powerful, and dreams really do come true. We do this by spreading the word (through inspirational emails, events, and life-changing adventures) about the nature of reality, the law of attraction, creative visualization, and the power of THOUGHT.”

I am telling you…You need this in your life. We get so bogged down with daily life, negative comments, a result we didn’t want or just plain bad energy around us. It so so important to have truth and reminders that you can SEE and READ. I am not affiliated with TUT in any way and this is not an advertisement for them. But Y’all know I love to share WHAT I LOVE and this is it!!

Recently I was sent this daily reminder and it spoke right to my heart because I was there. I cared too much about what the world thought. I thought too much about “if I only had this, then I could have that” Guys, it’s about what you have NOW…showing gratitude for that and DREAMING BIG about where you want to be!!! But it all starts with gratitude in the present!!

I hope these words speak to you and resonate with you as they have with me…

“The easiest way to avoid letdowns and disappointments is…

NO, it’s not lowering your standards. That’s quitting.

NO, it’s not releasing expectations. That’s an old wives tale.

and NO it’s not relinquishing all moral desires. That’s an ancient religion.

It’s never tricking yourself into thinking that your happiness is dependent upon things and events of time and space…or what other people think, say and do.

So go ahead, aim high, expect a miracle, and want it all...”

It’s ALL ABOUT our mindset guys. Take a moment click on the name TUT and get started today…you won’t regret it <3

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