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Don’t take it Personal…

I tend to take things personally sometimes. It’s no secret that I wear my heart on my sleeve and that I am extremely emotional. Because of these qualities, I have learned to take a step back and give it 24 hours or some “breathing room” when I feel offended. If I don’t do that I find myself ready to jump down somebody’s throat. Have you ever felt that way?

We need outlets to relieve the stress that adds to us feeling this way. I have a lot of people ask me “when” and “how” I take time for myself. I do it every day!! My workout routine… running, gym, yoga… I do that for me! They are my zen moments. They are my outlets for stress relief.

I know some people have trouble unplugging especially in this business. When I need to unplug I put my phone away or give it to my husband… and he’s more than happy to keep it from me ???? Unplugging can be key to destressing.

Rest, Relax, Recharge. It’s all part of personal growth. We have to find time for these.

Woman, I am talking to you here because men don’t really do this ???? Women are taught to put everyone else first over themselves. So our own self-care gets put on the back burner. But that’s not okay. When we put self-love, self-care, self-appreciation of ourselves first… we grow. When we do that we are the best we can be!

What does it mean to be the best you can be?? It doesn’t mean you have to be a super mom 26 hours a day. It doesn’t mean you have to be on for your team 26 hours a day. It means you set parameters and your boundaries so you have time for YOU.

If you are not personally growing… your business will not grow!! Let it start with your mind. I always say “Mind your Mind”. It’s important what we put in there. Put down the romance and mystery novels and go read a personal development book. You will thank me later!!

Go to work on YOU!!

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