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Effing Simple Book Launch

Hello Everyone,

Imagine a life of confidence, belief, progress, and fortune. Now, think of the opposite; a life of negativity, plateau, and struggle. Which one do you choose?

I’m pretty sure you know the choice I made—and it definitely wasn’t the latter. After my network marketing career skyrocketed, I checked Big Hairy Ass Goals (BHAGs) off my list…These include financial goals, living by the beach in my dream home, booking an out-of-this-world family vacation, and establishing a non-profit to share the wealth and help others in need.

The thing is, before network marketing took off, my life wasn’t exactly easy…But whose is? Everyone is given roadblocks in life, and they serve as some of the best learning curves. While not everyone learns from these challenges, some take the bad experiences and re-direct them to something better.

Moving from a life of trials to one that’s full of abundance wasn’t exactly easy, but it was Effing Simple! It began with one thing—belief.

I knew I’d be an author. Today. I’m here to tell you my first (but certainly not my last) book is complete. Effing Simple: Your Guide to Growing Your Network Marketing Business and Changing Your Life is available for purchase now.

As you can tell from the name, Effing Simple is a personal development book. Over the years, I’ve kept notebooks filled with quotes that stuck, tips that came to mind, and personal experiences; knowing one day they would come to life in a book.

My decision to say “Yes!” to a network marketing start-up brought me abundance, more friends than I could ask for, and a life by design. Isn’t that what life’s about? Well, the journey to the life I enjoy now is the basis of my book. I show you an Effing Simple way to live your life, work in ways that are joyful and natural to you, and produce financial success.

Effing Simple preaches personal ownership, positivity, and smart business decisions. It makes you question why you do what you do and provides ways to help you get more out of life. It trains you in leadership and shows you ways to alter your mindset so you can be an abundant, successful entrepreneur, with multiple streams of income.

The Effing Simple techniques in the book work regardless of the business you’re in—but you know my heart will always be with network marketing. It’s the path that led me here and is taking me to heights beyond my wildest dreams.

I wish the same for you and your network.

I can’t wait for you to read Effing Simple: Your Guide to Growing Your Network Marketing Business and Changing Your Life! Be sure to order it at the introductory rate today! Don’t forget to leave an Amazon review and let me know what you think!

Here’s to growing your network marketing business and changing your life!

P.S. This book is the first in a series. Coming up next…Effing Simple Relationships! Stay tuned.

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