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Effing Simple Contest-Enter to win $500 Prize!

Hello Everyone!

Let’s celebrate! I’m so excited to see my newly released book Effing Simple trending #1 in New Releases!

I want to continue this momentum and increase engagement even further. You know me, I always go big!

I appreciate everyone who supported me an ordered the book. To thank you for your contribution to my #1 standing, I’m offering a contest with a $500 prize to reward you for the love and support.

Contest Details:

To be entered in the contest, I just need four Effing Simple things:

  1. Please order the book (

  2. Next, read it. Obviously!

  3. Post a creative picture of you and the book on any social media platform. Be sure to tag #tonivans and #effingsimple so we can find your entry.

  4. Leave an honest review on Amazon and tell me what you thought of the book. I want to know specifically how Effing Simple can help you with your network marketing business and your life!

Be as creative as you can with your photo and post. It can be as simple as a picture with your morning coffee, your backyard as a background, or any beautiful setting you choose! The most creative wins the prize!

All entries will be judged by our social media team. The winner will be featured in upcoming posts by Toni Vans! How exciting is that?

Probably not as exciting as the $500 PRIZE! The prize will be paid via PayPal so you can take yourself on a nice shopping spree, treat yourself to a spa day, buy a plane ticket, or put it toward one of your Big Hairy Audacious Goals!

The final date for entries will be April 15th. Thanks again for the support. I can’t wait to see your entries and read the review.

Happy Reading!

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