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Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Who else can’t believe that in two days it will be November? This year has flown by! I wanted to share a topic that has been weighing on my heart for some time. This comes after doing quite a few events the past couple weeks, specifically one that I did in Tampa, two weeks ago. It was interesting hearing the things that this team said as I got to know them better. One of them being that that event was one of the first that they have been too and they’re at the top of the company! An amazing Director with Monat was able to hit the top of the top in fourteen months! And, they just recently started having events! That is unheard of and amazing! I wanted to debunk the myth that having events is difficult! (Because they’re easy!) Events are crucial to your business during the holiday time because everyone’s always looking for something great as a gift or they need extra money to be able to afford gifts!

Here is how one of many training events go:

  1. It’s a different location every time. By this I mean, pick a different city/state where you have a good amount of people that you know will be able to go. Also, pick something centrally located in that area so it’s easier for people to get to!

  2. Get set up 30 mins prior to the event. You never want a guest to see the setting up part. Everything needs to be done.

  3. Social is always first. This is a great way for people to get comfortable in the crowd, get to know you and others, and a perfect way to introduce their guests to the business.

  4. ALWAYS start on time. Starting on time means starting the event 15-20 minutes after it starts. This way you are giving people leeway time with traffic and getting registered!

  5. For every event, choose a local charity that you want attendees to donate to! I always take extra money from tickets and donate that as well.

The best part of doing my Monat presentation is that it’s a small, 3-page brochure that I use! That’s all I need and it takes 15 mins! I always make sure to touch on becoming a market partner, then a customer then retails because Monat’s social portion is for guests. Training is always for both, but guests can choose to stay or not. Guests are always free! Because they are looking at your business opportunity. Depending on the expense of the venue, for 3-3 ½ hour training, always charge market partners $20-$30.

Topics that Need to Be Touched: Non-Compromisable

  1. IPA’s

  2. Sponsoring. That is the lifeline of our business.

  3. Mindset: Vision Casting (I personally think that that one is very, very powerful because if we don’t have visions and if we don’t have dreams, how are we going? What are, why are we in network marketing?) I also have training in unsticking yourself. I have training in handling objections and all different things.

  4. Q & A – This is always done panel style, but not just from anyone. If you’re in Monat then this needs to be answered by MM’s and above because they’ve actually done the work! If you’re not in Monat, always go by the first big rank in your company.

Always support an event that you are attending. You want to drive your market partners, business partners and guests there. That’s the whole point of having it! And if you know of other people in that area that are on a different team or different business and can still benefit, invite them! This makes even more of a successful event.

This is about being a part of something bigger. I’ve had such amazing support from directors on other teams, for instance, my good friend Greta Murray. Even people at the top of whatever company you’re in, some hate speaking and get super nervous about it! That is when you reach out and say, “Let’s do an event together and have awesome training!” It’s a great platform because you’re surrounded by likeminded people. They want to learn from you. That’s why they’re there. There’s plenty of time before the end of this month to throw down on a Monat social.

Always have a two week lead time doing a Super Saturday or Super Sunday. I always do in the afternoon from 1-4:30/5 pm. That way you don’t have to worry about providing food since it starts after lunch and ends before dinner. Remember, you don’t always have to have an event at a hotel. Sometimes that is the only available space, but co-working spots are great too! Now what we have, I’m in Charleston.


If you have a cool venue space, that’s even better. This is why partnering with a local leader in that area, it is easier to find an easily accessible place. You have to think about things like, if you’re planning on having it in a downtown area don’t do it on the weekend because it will take way too long to get there. The thing about it is it takes planning and you want it, put out a save the date, get the location at least 10 days prior. That’s really important. And it takes time to plan these.


Make sure you check for ample parking and if there’s a parking fee, nine times out of 10, they’ll give you a reduced rate, especially if you’re having an event their venue. There’s always cheaper lots around the venue if you don’t want to pay hotel parking.


It’s very important to have an agenda so that everyone knows when they speak and what they’re speaking on. Always have a timekeeper to make sure no one goes over time. I always give each speaker (there’s usually 3) about 20 mins. Then factor in another 10 for testimonials and 10 more for the Gratitude portion. Never go over. Always respect people’s time. I don’t allow anybody to give a personal testimonial, they always have to be 2nd rank or MMB and above. They always have the best before and after Monat’s story.

Parking: Make sure you check for ample parking and if there’s a parking fee, nine times out of 10, they’ll give you a reduced rate, especially if you’re having an event their venue. There’s always cheaper lots around the venue if you don’t want to pay hotel parking.

Have events. Have events. Have events. I don’t care how big or small they are, start off having some events in your home! It will make all the difference in the world, in your business. If you’ve never done it, just start somewhere!

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