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Excuses vs. Purpose Driven

Excuses. Epiphanies. Purpose.

Many of us fail to see the truth in these three words and also fail to compare them to our reality. Most of the world is driven by excuses and fail to see their purpose. Then there’s that small percentage of us who are driven by our path and purpose and see the bigger picture. I spoke with a friend the other day who happens to be in a different business, and he is not loving where he is at right now. He’s at a fork in the road where he’s deciding what he wants his path to be, a place we all have been in. He happened to be interested in my business but wasn’t 100% sure.

Here’s the story:

I asked him if this was something that he really wanted to do by helping others and if his excuses were holding him back. “Would this be driving your purpose?” All of my readers know that I firmly feel that everyone was put on this Earth to do something very special and whatever our purpose, that’s what drives us. This is why I love network marketing so much, it’s purpose-driven for me. I don’t make excuses. I show up every single time. But the one thing is, is that if you are making excuses in something that you’re doing, you need to really go back and evaluate why you’re doing it.

I’ve tried many different exercise classes. I hate them all, from CrossFit to Zumba; they’re just not for me. But I LOVE yoga and that’s my jam! I focus on that every day and I don’t make excuses. I show up Monday through Friday at 8:30 AM every day. If I’m out of town, I will find a studio close to my hotel! I do this because I know that for my health that I’m not going to make those excuses when I work. My business is that I don’t make excuses. I show up at every single event. It’s purpose-driven work. The Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren is a great book to read about this topic! It’s a great book. When you have a purpose in your life, there is nothing, nothing that is going to stop you from obtaining that goal. I’m in the middle of reading Tommyland right now, Tommy Lee’s memoir. I know it’s not exactly the best personal development book, but I love autobiographies, especially in the music industry and his pursuit of when he wanted to date and marry, Pamela Anderson…He wouldn’t quit. He was super laser-focused on his goal. I love hearing about the lengths that one will go when they believe in something. There is always a purpose behind what passionate people do. Are you living your purpose?

Are you purpose-driven? If the answer is no, and you are going to a job that you just show up every day to collect a paycheck, you are accepting mediocrity. What were you put here on Earth to do? The only person that can answer that question is you. In the first Effing Simple book, there are activities for you to do and the first is about sitting down and constructing your WHY. I was talking to a friend who was going through the first chapter and he said, “I just couldn’t do it because I don’t know.” He’s not living his purpose! So what is your purpose? You guys, here’s the thing, if you’re not living in that place, all you have to do is you just have to start by doing something to get you closer to that goal.

When you are following your purpose, the Universe, God, Buddha, divine intervention will conspire to open up those doors once you get started. If you put it out there, it eventually comes back to you and more doors will open and more doors will open. Please. Please. Don’t ever give up! Don’t give up on anything that you’ve ever wanted or your dream. I don’t care how big your dream is.

We have a motto in our company that started with our Chairman and CEO and it is to, “Always dream bigger!” Always dream bigger because no dream is too small. If there’s anything that I can motivate you to do, it is to motivate you and get yourself one step closer to your dream or your goal.

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