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I wanted to come to y’all today and talk about a very serious ailment in our society….EXCUSITIS. We are people that will blame everything on everyone else, and not take responsibility for our own actions, and behavior. Here is my own personal example. Every day, I have made a commitment to myself to grow more as a person and to be constantly in self-development. Hand in hand with this, my daily yoga practice and exercise routine is included, which I am always really good about. I have really noticed though, that yoga really does push me outside of my comfort zone and makes me very mindful. I recently participated in a yoga retreat and had some a-ha moments…Before this, I would practice only 2 or 3 days a week, if I was committed to doing it.

I love my mornings, and you know what that is when I have my JAM! I am a serious morning person. So, I woke up one morning, got up to go to the class that I registered for the night before. Here I am dragging my feet, thinking in my head, “Man, I just don’t want to go,” telling myself I have way too much to do, making up every excuse in the book. Then, I did a mental check in with myself deciding that it was super important for my health and that I needed it. I decided I would go, be PRESENT, and to wear a smile on my face.

Yes, every day we are all faced with this same ailment, and most of us fall down to it. I, myself am faced with this every day. But, then I remember that I have this inherent desire to help so many people in their lives and their businesses. To conclude, STOP with the excuses, get off your butt, turn the TV off, and make yourself go out and do something that is going to make you more productive, in your personal life and business. The only one responsible for you is YOU!

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