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Expanding Your Contact List

Hello Everyone,

I’m coming at y’all from a cold and dreary day, in South Carolina! The weather sure has embraced the Christmas Spirit. I know in my last post, I talked about reclaiming the basics of your business and going back to what you know. Part of that included an On-Boarding portion, which included having your new recruit think of people they know and reach out. Well, I was exposed to a pretty, amazing training video, and…OMG. I got some awesome ideas from this video, and some tips that I had never even heard of! This is primarily to expand your contact list, which is very important! The people you know and people you meet are always potential customers or recruits. Also, utilize Black Friday-it’s busiest shopping day of the year!

  1. Go back to your VIP’s, and tell them you’re expanding your list, and ask them if they have or six people that they could recommend either as a recruit or if they could benefit from the product. Do the 2+2+2 technique. Two new people on your list, two follow-ups with existing recruits/customers, and two follow up calls for new people you have. Now, do this five days a week!

  2. Write down your ‘Chicken’ list. These are the people that you are afraid to talk to, the people that intimidate you. You may see them as more successful than you, Influencers on social media, or have over a thousand followers/ friends. These are the people, that when you introduce the business to them, or the product, they will want to show their friends or their followers.

  3. With all your existing contact list, expand it! Think of mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, daughters, sons, grandparents, spouses, and even the X word! A lot of people might still have that amicable relationship, still, speak, or have children from their previous relationship. Once you finish the immediate family list, expand it to the extended family!

These tips are very helpful in growing your customer base, and/or signing new people up! By using these tips, you reach people that you don’t even know. You never know who could benefit from the product you have, or the extra money that one might need, to pay that last bill. By following these tips every day, for the next nine days, you could end up with eighteen, potential, new people! Why, nine days? In nine days, it’s Black Friday, where you’re sales will probably be the one of the highest on this day! A lot of times, people fall short on growing their contact list or forget this key tool, to grow it. There are lots of ways to expand it, these are just a few extra ideas!

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