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Have you heard this before…The fortune is in the follow-up? Well, it is and it is crucial to your success. It’s crucial to follow up, and not just once, keep following up but without stalking someone. It takes an average of 5-7 times before people will say yes and sometimes more. Remember NO does not mean NO… it means not right now. The longer you stay in your business and be consistent the more results you will get. What you do now in your business WILL affect it 90 days down the road. Sometimes it is more immediate and sometimes longer. I have seen and experienced that could even be 2, 3, 5 years later. When people are ready, they will reach out to you. However, at the end of a productive day, it is about you calling and asking.

It is imperative that when you meet someone you are following up within 24 hours and it doesn’t matter where you met them at. I try to get them to pencil in something before I leave and when you say pencil it in if they don’t have their calendar with them, you can follow-up to make sure they have that date open. You want to focus on getting them to the next exposure in your business. You want to get them while they are excited and the longer you wait for the more possibility it turns into a NO. But all NO means is not right now. If they tell you no not now ask them if you can reach out to them next month or in the summer but get a commitment from them.

What systems do you have in place to follow-up? Get their contact info and schedule a time to follow-up. Put it in your appointment book and send them an immediate message (ask them what their preferred method of communication is). Some people use a daily planner or calendar, some people use an online app. Choose what is easiest for you. I have a big conference pad I keep track of everyone I have come into contact with. The point is whatever the system of your choice is, keep it because you will be naturally prospecting people all of the time. Write down key notes of what you spoke about and some points of what you discussed so you can refer back.

Follow up!!

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