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For Network Marketers, ‘Consider the Acorn’

Network marketing enables the great oak to not only “branch out,” but to provide for all other aspects of the professional forest.

Network marketing is a profession that affords the tax benefits of owning your own business without large capital investment and administrative hassles. It is a real success generator, literally for everyone who ventures out on the limb, looking for ways to help others.

But that limb starts way back to the acorn, and everyone has heard about the “great oaks” that spring from seedlings, given enough time, sunlight, and water.

What we don’t hear about it that those oaks aren’t just “great” because they are large and beautiful, but because they provide for a whole ecosystem all their own. Oaks are in concert with one another to provide support throughout a spread of land or a larger forest. They offer temporary shelter, long-term housing, nutrients, shade, and host intricate systems for sustainability through the tougher seasons. Birds, rodents, and insects alike owe their lives to these giants, which simply stand there, present, year round. They’re also constantly allowing for the birth of new oaks and spreading the possibility for life while in competition with other ecosystems that may also be working just as hard.

Sound familiar?

It starts with the professional—they are the acorn, planting themselves; the trunk is that effort that reaches out to people about a product, business, or new way of generating wealth. The big branches are team leaders and the small branches are consultants, market partners, and those who are working the business part-time. The leaves grow and drop with the acorns into other systems, much like the clients and customers she brings with her through each new network endeavor.

A budding network marketing team, built on a solid product, is a force in any economy. They provide for their clients and team members, and built enough branches and roots that their business becomes a system all its own. Each team provides multiple sources of success and income, and anyone can do it with the right amount of bridge-building and mentorship.

Teachers looking for an extra source of income can branch into a network; stay-at-home moms and dads who need part-time work can join a team already in progress; professionals looking for that third or fourth market to explore can take hold of opportunities that have no limits and smaller risks. And all of us find our tribe and network based on what we know we are capable of, whether it’s a buy-in to a well-established company or a bet on a smart product that inspires belief.

Network marketers know all about the acorns and their adjoining leaves—the customers and clients who will reap the rewards of good planting and grow with each company, service, and product. Whether it’s the tip that doesn’t pan out or the team member who needs more confidence, once an ecosystem is established, it begins to affect other systems adjacently—not in direct competition, but in concert with the thousand moving parts of a solid network.

Success is a shared endeavor, not a race to be won and lorded over the less affluent. The best network marketers are bringing that “building out and up” mentality to the places and clients that never got the “trickle down” promises of one company or product.

The best part is that in a company there is a much higher ratio of customers to market partners, and that’s needed for a healthy business. But the best part is that network marketing professional get to make their own schedule and the money that they want.

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