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From Bag Shlepper to Shampire

Shlep. Even if you don’t know the literal definition, it’s a word that you can figure out from the sound of it. Dragging something around. We all have to shlep to do chores, to travel long distances…you get the point. We all have to shlep, no one is free from it, and I was a shlepper for years myself. But now I’m in charge of what I love to call a shampire that has made me very successful.

Okay, shampire’s not a real word, you won’t find it in the dictionary, but it’s a term I use for building my incredible business at Monat. First, a little history…

The Previous Business of Purses

Before Monat, I worked at another direct sales company, and it was a party purse plan company. Like selling beauty products, this is another way that women have been able to work for themselves and be their own bosses. In fact, for one bag company, I helped build a $4 million dollar organization in five years.

With purse parties, you invest in buying some handbags, you sell them at get-togethers to make money on your schedule, and you get together with other women and socialize. It’s a great way for women to make extra money on their schedules with network marketing, and so is selling beauty products through Monat. The difference for me was that purses are not a consumable product, but everyone washes their hair, right?

Great Businesses For “Mompreneurs”

Here’s another term you won’t find in the dictionary, “mompreneur.” I was recently called a “mompreneur” in a news story, and it’s a great term for women like me who have built successful businesses through network marketing companies like Monat.

As I explained in this interview, “I have been in direct sales for some time and was looking for a great unique company to represent. When I heard about Monat, I thought no company is doing this yet. I looked at their comp plan, which is one of the richest I have ever seen, and the product is the best on the market in hair care. We are clinically proven to work not only for the hair-challenged but for everyone, even children.”

Taking the Plunge

Even with the potential for huge rewards, I get it. A lot of people aren’t ready to take the plunge yet and jump into the world of network marketing sales.

The good news is you don’t have to build your own shampire in a day. You can sell beauty products at your own pace and build your own contact list and clients slowly, which is always the best way to start out. And the great news is it’s not a shlep. It can be great fun, and you can achieve great joy out of selling network marketing beauty products like the kinds they sell through Monat.

So if you want to try network marketing selling, you can get going on building your own shampire as well. It worked great for me, beyond my wildest imagination, and it can work great for you too.

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