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Get into an activity…and STAY there.

I always say “A Leader is a Reader”. I get so much out of the books I read. Right now one of my favorites is ‘Be Humble Stay Hungry Always Hustle’- H3 leadership by Brad Lomenick. There’s a great quote in the book that resonates with me, it says:

“ Once a leader gets a few wins under his or her belt, they face the temptation to get complacent”

-Wow- this is so true, we see this all the time…even I have been guilty of it. We think we are doing great because we sponsor some new partners and new leaders, and then they start to sponsor also. We feel like we can take our foot off the gas and slow down…WRONG. This is the time when you need to Crank It Up!

The book goes on to say:

“Resist this complacency at all costs, it breeds dissatisfaction with your life and work when you are tempted to settle for whatever life handed you. Develop a vision for creating a better tomorrow”

Develop a vision for creating a better tomorrow… What an awesome and inspiring mission statement that is. It is a proven fact…if you don’t have a written goal down, you have a 99% chance of NOT achieving it. What is your goal today? What is your goal this week? What is your goal this month? I challenge you to figure that out, develop a vision and WRITE IT DOWN.

Personal activity is key to achieving your goals. If you’re not in a personal activity your business will not grow, it will stop and actually go backward. We don’t want that!

I have been there and I know leaders who have been there also. That’s why we need to hear it… Focus on Personal Activity. A great leader once said, “80% of your time needs to be spent on your personal business” Personal activity is key for that!! It is key to building up other leaders and that’s our goal here, isn’t it? Build more leaders…only personal activity will get you there. Get to be an expert in your field and Achieve Financial Freedom sooner.

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