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Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone!

Hello Everyone!

I’m coming at you with something that I see every day when it comes to business owners prospecting! I was at my local gym last week sitting in the sauna, in 145 degrees and I started thinking…I truly love me some sauna time because it gives me time to think. Today, I wanted to capitalize on onboarding and about getting out of your comfort zone.

I’m reading this little beauty right now by John Maxwell called The Power of Five. During our annual conference, Time Tebow, Les Brown, and Kindra Hall all highlighted about getting outside of our comfort zone and doing things you don’t like. That is the reality of this business. That’s the bottom line. A lot of times what holds you back is that you refuse to go outside of your comfort zone. You will always lead a mediocre life by staying in your little bubble.

Maxwell says, “Consistency establishes your reputation, which means getting out of your comfort zone regularly and just prioritizing.” This is something that you can practice, practice and practice. You can study and you can try, but if you’re actually not applying these things, how do you expect to grow in your business? The other thing that he said too is that “When you combine and do consistent actions, you become exceptional.” Being consistent in your business is going out, meeting new people, working your business on purpose, having your regular rhythm of events, getting your market partners off to a really strong momentous onboarding.

Here are something I get asked all the time: How do I approach people about my business? (Whether it’s an MLM or a brick & mortar)

  1. Tell them what you do! You have to be engaging and don’t play off your business! By that I mean, don’t explain it like it’s a hobby. People will only take you seriously if you’re serious!

  2. You have to ask them what they do. People appreciate when you express the same interest in them as they did you.

  3. Follow up with them! Sit down and have a coffee with them or take them to lunch and find out how you can serve them. When you do this, people will value your relationship. They’re willing to go longer. They’re willing to look more into your business because you’ve established a repertoire with them. This is key!

Don’t be worried about what’s right to say and what’s not right to say. If you’re at a networking event, they’re already expecting you to tell them what you do. They’re expecting the same in return.

Here’s an example of what not to do;

I was at a networking event last Wednesday evening and I was talking to a guy and all he did was talk about HIS business. Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk…He never asked the two people in our little group or myself what we did. It was all about him. He’s not going to get any business from me at all because it has to be reciprocal. Be reciprocal! I’ll tell you what, I’m at the point now where people I don’t want to do business with anyone who doesn’t respect me as a business owner as well!

When you work your business in the most professional manner and show that you wish to serve others, prospects will flow in. It is all about relationships and showing others that you care!

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