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Good Shampoo isn’t just for Women…

Do looks start with locks? I say they often can, especially for men. Since the early aughts, metrosexual males, aesthetically attuned bros, have drawn their own pop culture spotlight. And our hair care products for men are ready to serve!

The Wall Street Journal reported in 2016 that men’s shampoos and conditioners, styling gels, creams, and waxes, were driving the growth of men’s personal-care products. A January 2016 survey of 963 adult men by Mintel, a market-research company, showed more than half of men purchased a hair-styling product during the previous 12 months. Three-quarters of the 18-to-34-aged men surveyed bought such products, the Journal reported.

Furthermore, forecasts men’s hair care product sales to grow at a 3.2 percent compound annual rate through 2024.

The number one thing when a man looks in the mirror he sees is his hair! The market share for our products, which mainly target men ages 28 to 45, has grown 22 percent in the past six months.

Our haircare sales strategy is bolstered by the men on our team! Some of the men are single; others are married. All we want to do is to help men look and feel their best.

Men are an integral part of our success! In the beginning, it was just my husband. We started concentrating on the message three years ago that couples succeed better in this type of business rather than just one person. You propose a united front!

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