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Good Vibes

Did you know gratitude reveals your Creative Genius and increases your Mental Strength?(See previous post) Gratitude is the fastest and best way to cultivate what you harvest.

I am just loving all of this gratitude attitude talk. Mostly, I’m loving the feedback I’m getting from it. The positive effects of Gratitude on your life is like the domino effect…It reaches every part.

But, It doesn’t happen overnight. It definitely takes practice. When you give off that Good/Grateful energy, it comes back to you. You have heard this before…What you put out into the world is what you get back. It simply the way of the universe. There’s no arguing it or denying it.

I have people telling me all the time how much they love my energy and that it’s contagious to them. This is a HUGE compliment and I always love hearing that. It’s like saying how beautiful you are on the inside. That’s because I am operating from a place of Grace, Gratefulness and Happiness.

I’m not saying that I don’t have my moments and that you will too. But it is what you do in those moments, behind closed doors that makes the BIG difference. That is our Integrity… it’s what we do when no one’s watching. I recently read this:

Consistency is a Hallmark of a champion. It certifies a standard of purity and its practice

A Hallmark is an official mark or stamp indicating a standard of purity, used in marking gold and silver articles in Britain. It’s like an award for something that is real/pure. Here we read “Consistency is a Hallmark of a champion”… Meaning Consistency in any practice brings you to success…in its purest form. Consistently Repeat something you know and believe is good for you AND your business, and you WILL be a champion. It’s part of the formula to success….There’s no dying it. Ha..seems simple enough ????

A Champion embraces the process with a clear mental picture

Let me ask you a question, Do you find yourself complaining? And when you complain, what you think that does to your energy? What do you think that does to the space you are trying to perform in?

When you complain it makes all of your progress go back. It makes you go backwards. Reverses your progress. Sounds horrible right. We don’t want to go back, we want to go forward.

Did you know it takes 2x’s as many muscles to frown ???? as it takes to smile ????

It’s easier to smile…naturally easier for you to be happy…how great is that! If something doesn’t make you feel good on the inside then you shouldn’t be practicing it or doing it. When you get a bad feeling it’s for a reason… it’s your heart. Practice what makes you feel good.

At the end of the day, it’s going to be about your Choices. Are you going to go down the path of prosperity? Are you going to be a champion or are you going to be Delusional? The Choice is ALWAYS yours.

We are already all in…No matter the sacrifices we make on a daily basis to get where we want to be. BUT…I have to ask… Do you truly believe, in your business, you are giving those under you a clear 100% chance at being successful? Can you effectively teach someone else to do what you’re doing? If they did the same thing that you are doing, would it move their business forward?

Some good things to think about….

Get 110% committed to the success of your business. In doing this, you build MORE and BETTER LEADERS.


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