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Gratitude Movement in Ecuador

It’s great when a beauty product can make you look terrific. It’s also great when it can make people money on their own schedules. But it’s especially great when you can raise money for a good cause, like how we, as an organization is currently raising money to open a church and children’s center in Ecuador.

Ecuador Background

When you look up the history of Ecuador, you learn it’s near the equator, and the name of the country translates to “Republic of the Equator.” As Ecuador’s Wikipedia page explains, it is located in northwestern South America, “bordered by Colombia on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean on the west.”

The country has a rich history, going back to the Pre-Inca era. In fact, Charles Darwin visited the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, and he was inspired to develop the theory of natural selection there. There is also an island in Ecuador named after him, Darwin Island.

While Ecuador has a rich history, it is a very poor country. According to reports, in the mid-nineties, 35% of the country was living in poverty, and 17% of the population was close to falling into poverty. And poverty in rural areas was much higher than in urban areas.

When people can help and can bring their resources together to make a better life for people, Ecuador is a very worthy cause.

About Monat Gratitude

Monat Gratitude, which helps people around the world, has been part of the company since 2014. As the official website explains, “What started as smaller local volunteer initiatives are growing rapidly into a movement across the world where Monat Market Partners and corporate staff strive to help improve their local communities by donating their time, talent and resources to change lives.”

Helping people is an ongoing endeavor for Monat Gratitude, and now the focus is on Ecuador.

How Monat Wants to Help

In fact, I want to help Ecuador so much, that I have dedicated the entire month of July to raise money. So far, $66,000 has been raised to build a church and a children’s center for the country, which means they are $21,000 short.

It gave me such a warm feeling [to know] that we can do more. So for the entire month of July, if you need a gratitude project or compassion project for any of your Monat events, then we want to donate to fund the center. Money is being raised through Gratitude Awakens Compassion t-shirts. If you purchase one, that means $15 goes to the gratitude fund. If enough t-shirts are sold, the money will be given to help out in Ecuador.

If enough people donate, it can have a big effect. If we can make that drop of water, that one drop of water makes a huge ripple effect.

My sweet friend, Jessica, who helped start the initial project, said, “When you go to a place of extreme poverty, you wonder, you leave thinking, I wish I could do something for these people. But we left knowing that if we can get this done, this will change their community for generations and generations to come.”

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