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Happy Independence Weekend!

Happy Independence Weekend!

There has been so much goodness happening over here in terms of business and in our personal lives. I was so grateful to be able to get the heck out of my house and go one a two week road trip to do some small training! It was amazing, absolutely amazing. After being stuck in quarantine since March, I didn’t realize how much I needed that human connection until I went on the road in June.

One of the biggest lessons I learned was that whether or not you’re comfortable with being around others or not, find a way to make that connection. This is why I live for what I do. Since my business is connection based, social media based and online based, I am connecting with people like never before. Our businesses have been in record months since quarantine started, that says a lot for the financial burden that many are facing right now.

As we look at what independence really means for each American individual, we come to realize that there are so many different types of freedom. Being able to leave your house, financial freedom, religious freedom, and the freedom to give when needed. This last week, I’ve seen countless of my friends and mentors that have earned our Dominican Republic trip or qualified for their free car. I’ve seen so many more stories about friends who have been able to replace their J.O.B. whole paycheck and pay off debt, loans, etc.

Another part of this freedom goodness is being able to anticipate a long awaiting project that our whole company has been working on. Most of you remember me talking about in the fall how a dear friend of mine connected with Stadia to build four connect centers in South American…well, the time has come to sponsor all of those children that will be impacted! Think of the ripple effect that there will be for all of those impoverished children. It brings me to tears!

Here is my challenge/project for you…Do this with your family, kids, whoever…Evaluate. Evaluate what freedom and independence mean for all of you and yourself. Ask yourself, “Is what I do in my daily life reflecting my freedom or could I do better?” Are you living with your independence to the absolute max? In the absolutely, most fulfilling way? I know I am. I strive to do it better everyday!

If you’d like to tune in on the live event on July 21st, here is the link:

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