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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

New you. New goals. New dreams. But, not really. I’ll be completely honest and tell you that resolutions are absolute crap! Yes, it’s a new year, but it’s the same you with new hopes of getting to where you want to be! And that is completely doable. You just need to map out how you will be getting to that destination.

Write your top goal for each of these categories;

Fiscal Health Maybe you have a negative relationship with money and that needs to change. You probably are feeling that you don’t deserve it. Or you could be giving the excuse, “I just don’t have the money to do that,” and the fact is you never will until something changes. I recommend reading Secrets of the Millionaire Mind by T. Harv Eker.

Physical Health You may want to get into better shape or are already in great shape. Maybe you’re reaching for a goal like a marathon or ultra run, or you just need to be more mindful when working out i.e. yoga or nature walks! Maybe you’re bored with your workout routine, try something new! Find what works for you. Healthy eating habits, healthy eating habits. Food is what fuels us, are we going to give the bad fuel or the good kind? A great book regarding mindset for these goals is Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins…This was my book for 2019!

Mental Health Pay attention to what you are feeding your mind! This includes “friends or family,” in your life as well. if you follow that lady on Facebook where all she does is complain about everything, hit unfriend. You don’t need that in your life and it does nothing to serve you. Stop reading the tabloids and start diving into personal development books. Remember, you are always the one who will hold you back. A great book to change that stinkin’ thinkin’: The Power of Positive Thinking

You really need to think about how you want this decade to begin. And you have the whole year to figure it out! Always remember though, a whole year of hard work will last a lifetime and catapult you to stability.

Thank you, everyone, for bearing with me. It was a crazy amazing year-end! Stay tuned for some awesome announcements over the next couple of weeks! ♡

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