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How can YOU help others?

I heard a great quote the other day. It said, “This business is NO different than traditional business or a small business, it is just easier to plug into a turnkey system with little overhead.” I thought this was a great way of thinking about network marketing. It’s your own small business that has already been mapped out for you. You have your business model and the steps you need for success. How smart you run it is up to you. Often I hear, in MLM you benefit from other peoples work, orders, effort. Well, you do…but don’t you in all businesses? We sell ourselves every day, whether you want to admit it or not. You sell yourself to keep your job, you sell yourself to your friends, your family…even when we volunteer, we just don’t realize it.

So why wouldn’t you want to go to family and friends and offer them a HUGE opportunity to change their lives? If they aren’t doing business with you or buying from you, they will go and buy from someone else… It is that simple. I hear, “Well I don’t want to bother my friends or family”, but what exactly are you bothering them with? A chance to make a huge difference in their lives and the process of discovery for them? Don’t assume anything about anyone. Don’t be stingy and make that decision for them, it is their right to make decisions for themselves.

Often I hear well I am afraid? Truthfully what is it to be afraid of? We have been so conditioned that the word NO is the end all be all. No is NOT a failure... Not even close. Failure is when you give up and then you make excuse after excuse. 95% of people give up after the third no BUT it takes 5-7 times (exposures) to get to a YES. You are denying yourself! You are denying yourself the potential for greatness. No one is hurt by asking. You have to remember people are not saying no to you, they are saying no to your opportunity.

Progress is making little successes when someone says YES to your product or your business opportunity. When we get a referral or someone sends us a great review, those are mini celebrations. But in the end, if you ask enough people and STOP making the excuses, then you move forward. Shelf the I don’t have time, turn off the TV and get off social media. Don’t think you have the money? How much did you spend going out? What about buying purchases that you didn’t need? How about “My friends would never support me in something like this “or “I don’t know enough people”. Really??? Look at your contact base how many people are in your phone and on your friends’ list? Everyone washes their hair!! Not only that…how many people do you know that complain about their hair?? You can help them!

How many people will you help?? Because that is what this is all about. Being a successful servant leader is truly about how many people you will ask. Let them do the process of discovery and help teach them to do the same.


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