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How to Take Advantage of this Time Given

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I thought I would come to you and shed some light during this time! Many of you know that one of the most difficult things to come to realize is the loss of income for many families. It’s a terrible, sad thing that many did not prepare for and didn’t even think that they would need to. I am so extremely grateful that we have a business that we can work from home and earn residual income. Now if you think that I’m using what’s happening in our society right now to talk about our business and success…You better dang well believe I am! The reason being is is that we can work our business from anywhere.

I was re-reminded about when we first started when we had something called High Tech, High Touch. This was about applying all modalities to working our business. I really loved that and still do. Regardless of what happens in society, I never give in to fear. That’s not me. I will be realistic, however. I’m not going to sit here and not act like there’s a real thing going on. When I think about it more, I realize that my biggest concern is the economic impact on our society. The one thing that I have that we can offer is to have something that you can work from home and that is a gift. My gift is so that you never have to be in this situation again.

It’s an INSURANCE policy. Right now, many of us can’t be face to face with each other. But, there are other ways to be, “face-to-face.” It’s all about priorities. I am telling you Facebook lives, Instagram lives, zoom especially, so great and it’s free to use that for your business and have that stand in for your, for your meetings, have that stand in for your one-on-ones, have that stand-in. If you had scheduled events, do them as live web training! You can always substitute and host what was scheduled on a zoom. It’s that stinking simple. Now is the time to start. Don’t binge watch TV, turn off the news, start some personal development.

I don’t want what doesn’t serve me in my field of vision or hearing. It doesn’t affect my daily life, but I am cognizant of what’s going on. Why not start your own home-based business? Start with us! It’s a great opportunity since you were given this time. Sit down and use it to your advantage. There is nothing better than having a Plan B, especially if you’re income is affected! Thinking about it now, as I’ve been traveling the last couple of weeks…Everything was dead, the hotels, airports, and restaurants. Thinking about those in food and beverage, I relate to them so much. Think about how much money they’re losing out on. You think about people that are getting their hours cut. You think about the potential of a lot of businesses to get into financial trouble.

We’re going to see that happen in the next 30, 60, 90 days. Be proactive! Do something that will benefit your family. Do something that benefits your finances and do something that’s going to benefit you in your longterm life. I read the poem, I Will Not Die an Unlived Life and it spoke to me so much. It’s a fabulous poem about living your life to the fullest and mentions how fear is the disaster ingredient to a fulfilled life. You also have to remember in this process to have faith over fear! You feel fear coming on, breath and stop. Your life should be so much more memorable than the times that we are in now. Live it!

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