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I Am Quitting…

Hello Everyone!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are in full swing for Christmas and the New Year! It sure does feel like Christmas, here in Charleston…Thirty-five degrees! I wanted to come to y’all to talk about a topic, that most people avoid! With the holidays, comes a time of positivity and love. And with that, negativity and hardship could be drug right behind them. Here is what the holiday season sure isn’t about…Quitting. Yet, most people quit all the time! People quit their job, their dream, small tasks…etc. But, why is that? Why is it that our culture is so weak, that we quit all the time? I just don’t understand it!

I’ve been reading Motivation Manifesto by Brendan Burchard…Again! Cue the Britney song. I had wrote a little before, but we should all quit fear! He states so eloquently, that we as humans were instilled to fear dying, or being eaten by a tiger, walking off the side of a cliff…etc. You know what I am deciding though? I am quitting fear. I am quitting being worried about what other people think. Even though I’ve been doing this business for a very long time, I still hate rejection!! I absolutely hate when people tell me no. And, it comes from that instilled fear.

I feel that I feel fear, especially, because I know I can help people. It may not just be through my own business, but in life as well! I love being that voice of reason that gets to listen to other people’s problems! “Four letter words to quit. Fear, false evidence of appearing real. Fear is the human motive for a version.” Think about that. We can just readily admit that we don’t like something. There is nothing wrong with that! When we use fear, however, we are already labeling ourselves. We are telling ourselves that we CAN’T do it!

  1. I’m afraid to ask…

  2. I’m afraid to talk to people…

  3. I’m shy…

  4. I don’t think I will be supported…

Here is another quote from my favorite, “We have perverted fear into a tool for protection from everything. Mastering our fear is the only way we can overcome it. Fear is the thief of humanity’s light.” These three sentences struck me like a thunderbolt, I was in awe. I have this fear, because I injured my shoulder, again. I first injured it eighteen years ago in yoga during crow pose, and recently injured it a year ago. I just have this fear of injuring my shoulder again and that it will give out! I’m going to yoga tonight and have made the intention to do a crow pose tonight. I am tired of being fearful! I know I can push myself and do something out of my comfort zone. Why should I let my mind automatically shut down, even before I try?

I find a lot of us will do this with potential new prospects, family members, strangers…etc. We will shut down before we even try! Our minds won’t even wander to the possibility of ‘what if?’ We get too scared of someone saying no, that we just walk away, when we should have made the cat let go of our tongue! Guess what? If you want to grow, and grow in your business? You’re going to have to get over that. Take baby steps…Go to someone that you know and trust, who might say, “Tell me more.” Start there, start somewhere! Then, ask someone you have never approached if they would be willing to take a look. The power of that one person, is amazing. One person can change something so drastically, but you’ll never know if you don’t open your mouth.

In conclusion, if you would join me, I am kicking fear to the curb! Stop worrying about failure, don’t quit. Quitting is the only way that you fail. Kick the bad four letter words to the curb. Can’t. Won’t. Don’t. Fail. Fear. Take those words straight out of your vocabulary, and put your mind on the success in your future! Get rid of your anxiety, by doing what makes you anxious. That’s the only way that you will be kicking any of this out of your head and in the past!

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