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So often I hear about people that can’t get ahead. The “woe is me” people that think nothing will work for them. FACT: We are the only one in charge of our reality.

I created my own downfall a few years ago. Completely constructed out of my own effort… you know the “woe is me” syndrome. Now with that being said, we can not control outside external forces… BUT we can control how we react to them. Everything that we go through is a temporary situation. We CAN control our destiny. It is all a matter of our choices made every day.

Life can throw curve balls, hard balls, even walks, but we can circumvent many of these things happening. There is a 2 book series called the Happiness Advantage and Beyond Happiness where it is statistically proven that happy people are more successful. That gracious people have more good and financial success coming into their lives. It is all about being elastic, being flexible. And most of all letting all of the negativity. Let the small insignificant problems roll off your back. That is a huge part of moving forward, not getting stuck and not buying into the “No’s”.

My mantra, “Be a duckie and let it roll off… Shake those tail feathers.” Because sometimes you really do have to say WTH and not look back.

Give your time to productivity and income producing activities vs. giving your time to negativity, whining and complaining or people that fall into this category. One of our team members said, “You can step in the poop or step over it.” Where you spend your time is so important!

If you are a business owner, you are creating a legacy! How do you think Donald Trump’s, Michael Phelp’s, or Pharell’s got to where they are today? They didn’t take No for an answer (and they got told no way more than you and I did). I am sure they had pity parties and you will too. But give yourself 30 seconds, brush it off and get back up. Part of being successful is being resilient.

Part of success is keeping your focus and your eye on the end result. Success is 100% based on YOUR intention. What do you intend for yourself? What is it that you want more than anything else for you and your family? Then go out and get it. You may not have the answer falling at your feet right at this moment BUT eventually, the answer reveals itself.

That my friends is Intuition. Intuition will never lead you astray.

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