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Is your system working?

Is your system in your Network Marketing Business working? Are you providing simple training, teaching, and coaching for your team?

All successful organizations thrive on 2 major factors:

  • A strong pipeline

  • A simple duplicatable system

I talk about this a lot because we are constantly teaching new team members the system. There is quite a bit of monotony in this business because you have to teach people the same thing over and over. Once you teach them then they teach their teams and new recruits. Sounds easy right… and theoretically, it is. The concept of network marketing isn’t difficult but for some reason, people try to make it more complicated than it is. In turn, most will not hold themselves accountable.

The fact is…Yes, this business is simple but it isn’t always easy. You have to have a working, living, breathing contact list. Add EVERY single person to this list. Many professional trainers and speakers in this industry say if you want to build it big and fast you have to talk to 200 people in your first 30 days. Go back to your list and update it frequently.

You have to pick up the phone! Most people will never pick up the phone…Not even once. Folks I am here to tell you that if you don’t pick up the phone your business will never reach its full potential. Social media is great… But it will only get you so far. Nothing replaces the voice to voice and face to face conversations.

There is an acronym called IPA’s…Income Producing Activities. IPA’s are picking up the phone and talking to people, meeting face to face, going to and holding business events. Nothing will ever replace those in this business. The only thing you want to use email, text or facebook for is to get you the appointment for the 3-way call or get your potential prospect to the next event. Face to face is SO important.

Bottom line, have these 4 simple steps in your system:

1. Your contact list

2. 3-way calls

3. Opportunity meetings/calls

4. Follow up

Follow a simple system and teach your team to do the same and watch your business explode!!! Grab my Dare to Succeed eBook and start building that empire!

Rinse and Repeat!

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