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Its a Family thing

How great would it be to spend time with your family, while you financial provide for them too??

Last week I shared a story of a couple whose lives have been changed due to the support of each other and the great company we call MONAT. I also mentioned how we are seeing more and more couples partner together and support each other making this opportunity their number one income source. That post sparked a lot of attention and people want to know more. “Can men really do this too? How does it work?” YES… ANYONE can do this business!! Let me share some of my husband Jays story…

I retired Jay after only 8 months of starting my Monat business. (Jay’s the first of the men to be retired by their wife) We needed Jay to be home with the kids while my Monat business was growing and taking off. To be honest, It was a little daunting at times for Jay. He’s a guy and he felt like he should be going to work. However, it didn’t take him long to figure out this was something he could do with me. And it didn’t take us both very long to figure out this was something we could do as a family.

Jay does Product launches, Super Saturdays, a Meet Monat’s. What he loves most about this business is it goes everywhere we go. We travel as a family and we work as a family. We’ve even had the opportunity to homeschool our youngest and grow closer than we ever could have working a 9-5 job.

Monat is NOT just for woman!. We have an incredible PROVEN men’s haircare line. Men understand Men’s needs. So who better than to help men??

In Jay’s on words… To do this business, you need to hang out with your wife, hang out with your family and hang out with your friends… it’s that simple!

Best part of this business is it’s all worked out for you with our Dare to Succeed . Men like simple right? People like to talk about what they like. This product is helping men GROW their hair back and KEEP their hair. What man doesn’t want to stop balding in its tracks!!

Men like facts right?! Here are some simple facts as to why men should do this business:

  1. Consumable products that everyone uses

  2. 25 million dollars in their first year of business

  3. New company with one of the fastest-growing brands in the social selling space

  4. Clinically proven

  5. It only has a 1% returning rate

  6. Made in the USA

  7. Sustainable, Organic and Biodegradable

  8. Incredible Incentive programs and Compensation packages

  9. No need to carry inventory or ship

  10. Committed to excellence – 30 day money back guarantee

No time like the present!! Men YOU CAN DO THIS!! Build a family empire while spending time with YOUR FAMILY!

I leave you with a quote from Jay… “Monat is so easy, even a guy can do it” 🙂

Check us out and here more about this on Facebook. We would love to connect with you!!

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