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Lead The Way

My love language in this business is Sponsoring and Recruiting. It’s where I find my passion and focus.

Recently, I have changed my verbiage on how I approach it. I don’t refer to my Monat Team as Monat Directors, Monat Consultants, or Monat Market partners… we are Monat FAMILY. I change my verbiage here because that’s truly who we are at the core… a Family.

That being said, I want to talk to you today about Leading the Way and Leading by Example. Let’s talk a little bit about what that looks like.

I say this all the time, Leaders say what they do and they do what they say. This is so so important. I’ve had to cancel meetings and events because of weather and emergencies. Having to do that gives me so much anxiety…as it should! My point is if you schedule a call or a meeting, unless it’s an absolute emergency , you should be there! Not only do you have to respect and deliver on your commitments, but when you’re there be present. People deserve to have a %100 of your attention. So try and not be on social media or on your phone while you’re with them. This will show them you respect their time as much as your own.

Personally, I don’t do anything halfway. I go all in or not in at all AND I am always trying to lead by example. But that doesn’t mean everyone will work like I do. I do what I need to do to have personal satisfaction with my work ethic. This is different for all of us. You have to find what that means to you personally. Your own personal goals and flow with YOUR balance of life. This is the time you invest in your business, what your schedule looks like, and what your personal business looks like to you!

You have to focus on growing your business. I heard this analogy one time and it made so much sense to me. Growing your business is like growing a Christmas tree farm… It takes time. It takes time to grow those trees big and strong and it will take time to develop and grow your team and other leaders. For some, it happens faster than others and for some, it takes longer. Don’t compare yourself to anyone BUT, by all means, emulate what you see work and see if it works for you!

Good leaders have to have a combination of charisma, enthusiasm, and self-assurance. Even if you walk into an event and you are in a bad mood. That mood is about You, not Them. So if you find yourself in that place, sit back close your eyes and say “ I am worthy, I am here for them, I’m going to show them everything that Monat can be”. That’s called setting your mind. Practice it and do it!

As leaders, we are here to serve our team not ourselves. Be professional and keep it positive!!

{High vibrations High energy }

You want to bring that positive energy because people read it. Your energy will either repeal people or bring them in and attract them… it’s your choice!

Your actions mean everything…LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!

You got this!!

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