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Leadership Paramaters

I want to talk about the boundaries and parameters of being a Good Leader.

No matter if you are in sales, coaching, network marketing or what have you, you have to have boundaries. Setting boundaries early allows you to be the best version of yourself and the best leader to your team.

This is specifically important when you are leading other people who are building organizations and teams themselves within network marketing. You have to set boundaries day one because this sets the expectation for your team.

However, understand now that you cannot serve all people. The people that you personally bring into your business are your top priority. That being said, you want to be a duplicatable leader to everyone else. Show them how to set the parameters. Leading a team can quickly take over your life. Things, like setting office hours or having a dedicated email instead of using facebook messenger, are easy ways to set the standard. Being available 24/7 can quickly burn you out and it sets an unrealistic expectation for others to follow.

You may have people fall through the cracks… but remember, at the end of the day their success is dependent on them. It is not dependent on who brought them into the business or dependent on the company. It is only dependent on their own personal accountability.

You hear me say it all the time… You have to keep “Doing the Do”. You cannot just sit back and expect it all to come to you. But that’s where Duplicatable Leadership comes in. When you “Do the Do”, that is the expected results you will get from your team.

You must be the example for your team. Show your team how to:

  • Take ownership in their actions

  • Cultivate relationships

  • Build trust

In network marketing, you are a professional relationship builder. Always think about what you can do for others, not what you can do for yourself. Be that leader and watch your team prosper!!

Make it a great day!!

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