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Leadership in Network Marketing is the greatest joy I have ever had in my professional life. There is the amazing personal development that comes with leading a team. This has led me on a path of being the best I can be every day and to be better than I was yesterday. I am always thinking about what I can do for my team. How can I be my best so I can help them be their best?

Over my years, I have found that all successful leaders are always leading and doing what they need to do to grow their business… because if I am not going to do it how can I expect my team too? It would be hypocritical if I were not striving for greatness every single day. Every single day I am talking to people about my business opportunity. I lead with the business because if someone says no to my business, then I am going to turn them into a customer and ask for the referrals. I want to provide value for people, I want to paint the vision. The vision of what this business could do for them and their family and quite possibly other people that they know. I am doing a disservice to someone by not offering them my business. I do not know what is truly what is going on behind closed doors for that person. And let’s face it EVERYONE needs more money. What are they going to do to get it? I might just have something to offer them.

Leaders teach…and teaching someone to Ask is somewhat of an art. You are listening for a need. I can’t tell you how many countless times I have heard someone say I need more money. My answer to this is “Well I get paid for washing my hair, you could do the same”….do you know how much interested a line like that creates? Much of leadership is getting over the fear of opening your mouth and refining what you say. Be excited, be passionate about it. It takes you far. Ask if someone has objections and then address each one individually. Being a leader is uncovering needs, objections. It is just with sometimes a few people and sometimes many. I also say we aren’t selling anymore, we are sharing an experience. We are sharing something that we can really help people with both image, confidence and financially!

Leaders also plug in. They plug into the training, conduct training, check in and follow up,…they plug in deep into their teams. You never know where your next rock star leader may be. Create those relationships, ask about them. Leaders also provide solutions. If there is a challenge or problems, they offer solutions or ideas.

Be a good Leader in your field. Be a Servant Leader… putting others needs first before your own.

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