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Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle all the way… It’s two days until Christmas, and one until Santa arrives! I’m coming to you all, with a universal message. We just got back a couple weeks ago from our Go Pro Mastery event, where we were recognized into the Million Dollar Hall of Fame. We were able to listen to many amazing speakers, who are business gurus, and many who made their worth in MLM companies. We were able to listen to Jeff Roberti, John Maxwell, and Magic Johnson. The overall theme in each of their spiels was none other than, ‘Leading Big.’ Leading Big is leading your team, your business through every month of the year, every holiday of the year, and you show up. Leaders are consistent and show up every day.


  • Is a behavior, not a position.

  • Must duplicate, and keep techniques simple.

  • Lead, don’t manage.

  • Lead by example.

  • People will gravitate towards you because you lead with positivity, and bring solutions to the table.

  • Leaders show up, no matter what.

  • Leaders work their personal business with vigor.

  • Leaders put their heart, soul, and guts into their business and teams.

  • You have to equip your people, meaning onboarding and going over IPA’s with them. Teaching, coaching, and training.

  • Leaders take time off.

  • Leaders create other leaders, by ‘equipping’ them!

  • People want to follow you because of your energy.

  • Think of the Eeyore complex VS. the Tigger complex. People want to be around Tigger because of the joy and energy he brings. No one wants to be around Eeyore because he brings everyone down.

  • Have solution driven alternatives.

  • Listen.

  • Always maintain poise and grace.

  • Personal development on own.

  • Looking out for the team’s welfare.

  • Leaders are informative.

  • Help people discover what is truly inside of them. Also, take massive action. Prepare and then think BIG.

  • Want to make a lifelong impact.

  • Visionaries, look for the big picture, and always dreaming bigger.

  • Leaders admit mistakes.

  • Apologize, make tweaks, then move on, and learn from it!

  • Leaders BELIEVE.

  • When up against challenges, you believe no matter what!

  • Leaders MOTIVATE!

  • Your attention and effort is 110%!

I would like to add some details about this list of what Leadership means. The Network Marketing Industry is infamous, for the end of the month is the most important, for ranking up and where goals are met. This means that a leader should not be calling their teams at the end of the month, close to month end, demanding what they need to rank up. A leader is there for their teams, checking in, from the first of that month until the very last hour. As a leader, you’re going to have to push through the crap and the shit, because it’s not all roses. Leadership is probably one of the hardest things you’re going to do in your life when you’re responsible for a team of people. This is true for all industries.

“Greatness belongs to those that have the ability to focus relentlessly on their ambitions.”

-Brendan Burchard

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