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Let’s Get Real; Consider Network Marketing Achievements

Hey Everybody!

It’s Toni Vanschoyck, Senior Executive Director with Monat Global, author, speaker, and whatever else. And let’s be real—whatever else you want to call me. Maybe I shouldn’t say that.

This blog post is about embracing your achievements and to never be embarrassed about celebrating your successes! I’ve seen some of the men and women in my organization post some awesome things after I earned my spot in my company’s Five Million Dollar Club! I’ve had people reach out and tell me, “You need to get more comfortable with telling people your accomplishments.”

I tried that today…It was really outside of my comfort zone. I happened to talk to someone I met at a networking event, but it felt so good! You know why? It’s because Jay and I have worked very hard on our network marketing business.

Let me tell you about the benefits of network marketing because still to this day, we have haters in our industry. Network marketing happens to be an industry I love.

I’ve always been a hard worker. I was busing tables since the age of fifteen, waiting tables, being a bartender, holding white collar management roles, and eventually, owning my small businesses.

Here’s the thing…I’m not cut out to be someone else’s employee. There are rules to follow. Having a “1099” is just like owning your own business. There are rules that you have to follow, and you have to be professional. For all you haters out there, you don’t understand what our industry does. You don’t understand about residual income. You don’t understand how you can help other people be successful.

If you guys have never tried network marketing before, successfully or not, give me 90 days. 90 days. Honestly, if you give me two weeks, I’m gonna get your first paycheck in your hand. If you complete a list from my Income Producing Activities List, daily, your results will be high.

For those who don’t understand and say it’s a pyramid scheme, that’s bullshit. Here’s why. Not one of us can be successful in network marketing without helping others reach their goals.

In a J.O.B. (just over broke), you still trade time for money. In a job, you are still being told when to be there, what you’re gonna get paid, and how to dress. You know what? In network marketing—a franchise in disguise—you have so many more options. Plus, you can create whatever you want.

I have tried seven different companies. I was relatively successful in my last one and I had two companies that closed. One company, I was actually kicked out of (that’s a story for another time). So, if anyone, I should be the one that’s out there saying, “Network marketing, it’s awful!”

Instead, I’m here to tell you it’s the best business model out there. We have a product. Guess what? People get paid. We’ve been able to impact thousands and thousands of families out there and we’ve had over one million customers on my company’s product for four years.

What’s more? The team Jay and I built is going to be a billion-dollar team. In this next 90 days, we’ll be a billion-dollar team! It’s crazy how mind-blowing this industry is, but you know what? Maybe my company isn’t right for someone else, and that’s fine. You have to find something that you’re passionate about, but just sign up to do it. Partner with that person. See how much you grow as a person because that’s part of the journey.

Let me tell you what network marketing has done for some of the people that I know and the people that I love in my family. Yeah, have we made five million dollars in about four years? We sure have. I hope to hit that 10 million dollar club in the next two years.

But wait…there’s more! Network marketing also:

  • Enabled us to start our own non-profit so we can directly help others in need.

  • Allows us to donate selflessly as much money as we want, to causes that we believe in.

  • Paved the way for me to write my labor of love, this book about our journey. (“So Effing Simple” will be released this month.)

  • Created an international speaking platform for us.

  • Moved us to a beautiful location and home by the ocean and free of snow.

In essence, network marketing makes dreams come true. So, don’t tell me that this industry doesn’t work, when you probably have never even tried one, or you haven’t put in even a half-ass-worth effort. I personally see and hear so many negatives about our industry.

I was at Grant Cardone’s 10X conference a few weeks ago and he said, “You haven’t arrived until you got haters.” And you know what? He’s absolutely right.

I guess you could say “We’ve arrived!” because the haters are out in full force. We won’t let that stop us. I want people to understand how powerful this industry is. I’m loud and proud it’s my mission to help share this opportunity so we can make more dreams come true.

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