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Let’s Talk Branding

When we think of Branding, we typically think of a logo, design or colors associated with a business. But I want to talk about another aspect of branding that speaks more to the heart of your business. Today I want to talk about “Branding your Professionalism”…. Representing yourself and your business in a way that people see the tremendous value you place on IT and THEM.

No matter what company you are with or what your business is, people do business with you because they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST you. It’s about Branding yourself and what professionalism you can bring to the table for people. Whether that is through your business opportunity or through your product…Or Both. It”s all about YOU, who you are and what you represent! People will see and respect how professional you are in your business and how professionally you treat them.

When you brand who you are as a professional your clients and prospects will also place value on your business.

You do this by:

  • Showing Up on time

  • Responding to people quickly

  • Responding to your customers with 5-star treatment

  • Treating your team as a top priority

It’s how you treat your team and how you treat your customers! At the end of the day, your team and your customers are the MOST important things in your business. Place them on a top shelf with the utmost priority…when you do this you are Giving, Showing and Receiving value for your business.

If this is something that has slipped away from you, just start somewhere. I suggest starting with the very first person who came on board in your business. Go back and treat them like you did when they first came in. Check in with them, send them a personal note, phone call or text. Also, Check in with your Rock Stars coming on board. Show them that you value them and you see the value they are bringing.

!!!REFERRALS!!! This is the lifeblood of any business. We survive off of the good word and referrals from our customers. Do something special for your customers who are sending you business. You can do this with a referral program or with incentives. Whatever you do, make sure you are taking care of these people.

Let the way you do business speak to who you are…

Brand yourself with professionalism and find that personal touch that is all about YOU!

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