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Make It OR Break It!

Last weekend we did our First Annual Leadership Retreat. We flew in 11 of our frontline Leaders and they got to bring 1 top-performing team member. They held a contest and had a lot of fun with it. Encouragement and Reward at its finest!

The theme was “Train the Trainer”. Each person shared their favorite training technique and methods. We talked about so many good topics and there were so many great takeaways.

So now, I am overflowing with joy!! Being with these amazing leaders… and some of us have worked together for a long time… reinforced in all of us the “You have to make it or break it” mentality.

During the retreat, these words stuck out to me: “When people get stuck they struggle. Then they look to outside sources and in turn get mixed up in non-income-producing activities. We have to stick with the PROVEN income activities there’s no reason to stray!

I say all this to you for this main reason… You have the opportunity to Make or Break your business it’s all up to you!! Reach out to your leaders go to these retreats there is so much learning to be done from each other.

In the words of my nine-year-old daughter “You want to grow… Help others grow and you will too” ????

Feeling Overjoyed and Blessed today and I hope you are too!!

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