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Make it Personal…

I have a little tidbit of information for you. When it comes to sharing your business…Just Ask.

The other day on LinkedIn, I got a very long message from someone trying to recruit me. I did not know them and more importantly, I did not ask.

The thing is, when you are building relationships through social media you can’t overload on people. Don’t friend someone and then immediately start sending them info on your business. They don’t know you yet, the trust hasn’t been built yet. It’s very bothersome to most people. Your job is to connect and serve… not to bother and annoy. Let your success and the success of your business speak for itself.

There’s a lot of power in asking. Ask their permission to share your opportunity, to share what you have to offer. A simple “Hey I have an opportunity that I think would be perfect for you… do you want to hear?” is all you need to do. NOT a long drawn out message about what you do and how you are going to change their life.

Also, the power of the personal invitation is so huge. I have people who will message me and say they can’t get anyone to take a look at Monat. But I know that they’re not personally asking. They are just inviting everyone to one event without any personal contact point and no Personal Touch. Guys, that’s just Spam. Be personal with people.

Treat your business like a business and you will get the business results!

Just ask and make it Personal.

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