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The company Monat has just hit an important milestone in that it has now been awarded the best place for direct selling. As Direct Selling News reports, this is the first time they have made the list, and they take place among Nu Skin, Zurvita, and other top direct sales company. This also comes on the heels of Monat announcing what’s called the Studio One Collection, a new style of shampoo that works to get rid of frizz and protect your hair from hot styling tools.

As the company said in a statement, “Employee engagement is impossible for leaders who don’t earn the trust of the teams they serve. At Monat, leadership by walking around has strengthened ties with employees and encouraged them to share their honest feedback.”

Monat and Direct Sales

For those who are unfamiliar with direct sales, when you work for a direct sales company, you invest in a products package for the company, and you sell the products directly to people. The bigger your network of people, the more money you can potentially make.

Monat was founded in 2014, and it has reportedly grown into a global company that is worth hundreds of millions of dollar. At first, Monat was a company focused on Latin America, and then it expanded into the United States in late 2015. During their first year, the company brought aboard more than 12,000 market partners, and they added 2,000 market partners the first month they went into Canada.

As Stuart MacMillan, who became the President of Monat Global in 2014 told Direct Selling News, “In hiring people we look at commitment, confidence, character, and chemistry,” and that’s not just for direct sales, but the entire staff of the company.

The Urdaneta family, who founded Monat, had been in direct sales for a long time, and Luis Urdaneta was a major direct seller in Venezuela, his native home.

As MacMillan told Direct Selling News, “A number of companies have a great product and then look around for a distribution strategy. This was different because it was never a choice. The Urdaneta family has grown up in the direct sales industry. It provides credibility and assurance to the field that we’re not going to compete with them through another distribution channel because [we] are so committed to this channel.”

Growth For the Hair Care Industry

As Direct Selling News reports, the hair care market is a booming industry for direct sales. It is reportedly growing at such a rate that the market could hit a whopping $110.70 billion by 2024.

As Loretta Pardo, the human resource director for Monat, explained, “Our solid internal team and family culture makes us one of the best places to work. Monat’s achievements are everyone’s achievements. Monat’s success is our success, and we show gratitude to each one of our team members. We all celebrate…Our priority is to treat others with respect, show integrity in our daily work, and gratitude to others in the workplace and the communities around us…It’s a work environment of shared effort and shared success.”

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