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Monat launches in the UK

The number ONE hair care line is opening in the UK!!!

We are expanding our family to the UK and we could not be more excited!! And when I say family, I mean it. The whole culture of Monat is to create and nurture this Monat community as one BIG family. And now with the launch into the UK, we are one step closer the worldwide hair domination. We will be a Global household name!! We already have some great events coming up in England, Scotland, North Ireland and more. You can check these events and more out at

Monat is an Anti Aging Hair Care company offering naturally based products and a limitless opportunity. We are a world of mouth business and we excel at social marketing. In our first year of business, we did 25% MORE THAN our projected profit. We are on track to hit 105 billion dollars in profit by 2024!!!

We carry a small product line that covers all hair care needs. We are not concerned with filling our product line with 100’s of unneeded products. We have what you need plain and simple. This is a ground floor business opportunity because we are still so young.


  • Consumable Product line

  • 30-day money back guarantee

  • Less than 1% return rate

  • Made in the USA

  • We own our own research and development facilities

  • No inventory to carry

  • Ship direct

  • Incredible compensation plan

  • Car incentive program– Jaguar OR Landrover in the UK (NICE!!)

  • 3rd party credibility from national awards and media endorsements

And that’s not even all of the wonderful reasons to join the Monat family but I did mention a big one…our compensation plan. Our career path plan is almost 3x’s more than the industry average. It is so rich you earn up to 21% on your team.

The family that started this company knew 3 things. They needed to have the best product, the best people, and the best pay plan. its why they pay out almost 3x’s the industry average.

Industry average is 17%-25% MONAT is 52%

We are looking forward and moving ahead to Global Hair Domination. We are in 3 countries now, but like I said earlier…we WILL be a global household name!

I can speak personally to the credibility of this company. Every single person I know and work with is ETHICAL. Monat is an extremely ethical company. My motto is “The only thing you can take to the grave is your integrity”.

We are invested in YOUR SUCCESS!! That’s what matters the most to us. Do your research, find a good leader and get started.

Just so so so excited for this new growth and for this UK launch!! If you want to learn more or share more with a friend, check out this FB live with all the info you need about Monat UK launch

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