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My Favorite ‘F’ Word!

Follow-up is one of the most important aspects in running a business. Follow up with customers. Follow up with business potentials. Follow up constantly! To take a flashback, at one of the first Monat events ever, where I met some of the first market partners, I had invited two friends there as potential partners, Jenny and Michelle. Neither of them joined, which is okay! Jenny was actually in a former company with me under someone else, and we had instantly connected! We’re about the same age and I always vibed with her personality. We have a lot of the same hobbies and are naturally bonded with our No B.S. personalities.

Throughout the last 6-8 years from that company ending to the present, we always stayed connected and checked in with each other. Her family has been in the restaurant business for years and that’s the industry she runs in. Before quarantine started, she was waiting tables and making great money. Six years ago, when I introduced the business to her, she said, “I can’t see myself doing this, I’m never going to. I would never do direct sales again, it’s just not my thing.” I ALWAYS followed up with her though. When all of this craziness started happening, I knew that her industry was going to be hit hard. All I could think was how can I help??

I know where that hits. Not long ago, that was how I was putting food on the table as a single mom. I sent her a care package with some product and a couple gift cards to help get her through. That’s just who we are. Right now, I’m not travelling so we have extra budget money to give where we need and we’ve been blessed to be able to give to others that have been hit hard by this. Pay it forward, it brings us so much joy. When quarantine started, our team came up with new DMO’s ( Daily Method of Operations) which included giveaway groups, to talk about the business, share and give away free products! I invited Jenny to every single one we did and she ended up winning during them.

I sent her multiple training videos, training seminars, everything. I kept following up with her and then she told me that her sister wanted to partake in one of the weekend sales that we did that night. Then she said that she was going to sign up on the following Monday!

My message in all of this is DON’T QUIT. When she told me that she was going to sign up, I got so emotional with the honor that she trusted me to become business partners. She’s not an influencer, which seems to be what everyone is looking for nowadays. Honestly, I’m not. I’m looking for the desperation, the people that need this opportunity, because those are the people that really do big things. I’ve been telling her for six years that she would be amazing at this and I can’t wait to see that come to fruition for her. Don’t ever give up because you never know when the timing is right for someone.

I wanted to share this victory from an “oldie,” because that just doesn’t matter and we all need to read about the victories. Being successful in times like these in a home based business means investing in those one-on-one business relationships. Wondering what has sparked this fire in me? I am sincerely enjoying lighting a fire under my two new girls from last month and looking forward to the future fires in everyone else. They’re on fire and that makes me want to be on fire!

Stay positive. Stay on fire. Stay safe.

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