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New course coming soon

I’m super excited!!!! We have a lot of really cool things that we’re doing over here…including a new course on Personal Branding!!

I just was on a 7-day very intense yoga retreat in Costa Rica. This retreat really gave me some clarity on things that I want to do to help more people. As you may know, giving is my love language. Whether it’s giving my time, money, personal things, knowledge… if I have it, I want to give it. And that’s why you always hear me talk about gratitude. Especially gratitude for my business and the opportunity t to build a multi-million-dollar income!! AND, you guys by the end of this year, this business will be a billion-dollar brand. Billion-Dollar brand in just four years!!!! You know why…Personal Branding.

I think often times people don’t quite understand what personal branding is. I see how many questions everyone has about it so I am going to do what I know…Teach about it. I’m going to do a course and start speaking on this topic because I feel so strongly about it. Even though I have so many business women coming to me about it, I will be tailoring it for both men and women.

No matter what your education is or what your background is. If you are in a business Personal Branding is KEY to your success. Even if you are a financial advisor, a lawyer or CPA….your brand is who you are!! And OF COURSE, if you’re in network marketing… which is my love of a profession that I live for every day…Personal Branding is a must to stand out.

Across the board it doesn’t matter, people need to know who you are. Oftentimes you’re not doing it the right way or you don’t know what to do and so you’re spinning your wheels spending a lot of time and money trying to figure it out. Well no more!! I can totally teach you how to do this without wasting a lot of time and money. We are going to start the first series next week. So keep your eye out for that. You are not gonna want to miss it.

I’m just really excited to share this with you because I know this…I do this!! I want you to know it too! If I can save you the trial and error that I went through then its worth it to me. I want to help more and more people no matter what their passion is no matter what their background is. I want to get out there and help people build a global brand using social media. Social media is how people see you when you don’t even know they are looking. It is a very important tool to use when building your brand.

I’ve had a passion for this for a long time it’s just been sitting on the back burner. It’s time to get out there and just share more of my knowledge with everybody!! We lift ourselves up by lifting up others first!

So super excited and looking forward to it!!

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