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New Excitement at Monat

Monat is considered one of the best network marketing companies to work for in the United States, These days, Monat is not only very excited about their new products, but they’re also very excited about the sales/profit potentials for people who want to get into the direct marketing game.

I, as Senior Executive Director of Monat, think that the science that we have behind it, the accreditations, the scientific advisory board, the people that help us formulate products are some of the finest professionals in the entire world that are a part of this. We’re all about safe and non-toxic products.

Looking Forward at Monat

Five years ago, I said to myself, “I’m looking for something else to sink my teeth into…Things have just changed so much and I’ve been able to touch so many people’s lives. It’s been really, really incredible.”

I’m excited to work for Monat because we positively impact over tens of thousands of people financially and over a million people through our product. And we’re all about gratitude and giving back.

I am also proud of the fact that Monat is certified by the World Congress of Dermatology, which is an “extremely difficult accreditation to get. So you can’t touch our product.”

A Big Future Ahead

Myself and many others are especially excited by the projections that Monat could have a 100 billion dollar future. We had a 700% growth from 2016 to 2017. We started in the US in 2017 with nine products and we did $25 million. We did over $50 million in year two, over $300 million in year three. And last year along we did over $400 million. We’re an $800 million company right now and we’re going to hit $1 billion.

But there’s still a ways to go in terms of market awareness. When I travel I make it a point to find some way to weave in Monat into the conversation and it’s done very eloquently. We’re not pushing anything, just the conversation naturally happens and nine out of ten people that we meet have never heard of Monat. So we’re still undiscovered.

Currently, Monat is pushing for global expansion. We’re opening more countries. We have a consumable product, which means residual income, which means repeat business. But the product is not the commodity. You are. You are the commodity. It’s the people.

If you want to dive into network marketing, I seriously can’t recommend Monat enough. Where else in the world can you start your own business for $199 US, $249 Canadian or $199 in pounds. If you go and try to start your own business, the business cards and website alone will cost you double of what that investment is.

Not only has Monat been voted one of the best companies in network marketing to work for, but Monat products have also gone through a rigorous screening process that has proven their safety. Many have found tremendous success in network marketing, and Monat also offers a 30-day-money-back- guarantee if you’re not completely satisfied.

For myself and my family, Monat is a company I love and should continue to work for, for a long time to come. It has brought me so much to be thankful for, and continues to bring others the same!

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