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No More Excuses

When you are a Network Marketer or an Entrepreneur, Self-Accountability is your best friend. Part of being “self-accountable” is knowing when you’re making excuses. Are you making excuses OR are you getting yourself into activity? (we talked about this last blog in ‘Personal activity is key’) Are you complaining instead of changing? Only you can change your current situation.

When people come to me who feel stuck, because they had a roller-coaster month or they are not meeting their goals, I tell them to “Use this downtime”. This is the time to concentrate on income-producing activities and personal activity. This will help your business going forward. You can’t build a business on a few people or a couple of leader's legs… it won’t work

~When you are building a business, it is your goal to promote out a new managing Market Builder every quarter AND a new team every quarter.~

Here’s the thing, you can make excuses and you can complain, but my first question will always be: Are you in personal activity? Are you doing what I am?

That means:

1) putting new people in your pipeline

2) talking to new people every day 5 days a week Sh

3) Showing 10 new people the ‘Dare to Succeed’

4) Connect with your personal group

You have 90 days, that’s all you need to teach someone the ins and outs of this business. Become an expert on On-Board behavior… Become an expert at ‘Dare to Succeed’. Don’t overcomplicate it.

When you get caught up and start complaining about the minor details that have no effect on your business whatsoever, you create a tornado effect… And no good can come from that!

If you are making excuses, go back and examine why you are in this business in the first place. There will always be challenges that come up. It’s what you do to work around those challenges that set you apart.

Bottom line, I know sometimes we get frustrated. I know sometimes we need to have a pity party… take your 30 seconds have your pity-party, let it out and move on. Then, ask yourself this: What am I going to do to work around this problem? Your business will not look the same today that it will in a year. Tap into your foundation and build those leader legs strong… and keep reaching out!

Trust me, people, want and need this opportunity… Go and find them!

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